Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time Passing

I took my middle son to a college visit today.
Surprisingly, I didn't feel old. I felt revitalized. He's interested in conservation/DNR work. Listening to the science program made me want to head back to school!
Lots of trips, lab work, independent study/research projects. Fun things to do, and you learn a lot, too. That's a lot different from my college days in the dark ages!!
When my oldest went on his visits a couple of years ago, I first felt old. I've got a kid in college.
After seeing the schools, I had a change in feeling: I'm losing a child. I found that to be wrong.
I may have lost a child, but gained an adult (although sometimes I wonder! lol)
My middle son has given me a lot back today; inspiration, joy and wonderment. Aren't those things we should always have?

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