Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This race, and that one

One of the things I enjoy about greyhound racing is handicapping races.
That being said, I don't wager on every race. I choose just those I believe I have the best chance of winning.
Part of it is bankroll: It's not that huge.
One advantage is I can hit those races I like with a little more money.
The extra combinations often come in handy. Or, a few repeat bets - with some changes and additions to the basic wager - allow me to hit a wager several times.
So, to get the idea started, I went through Wednesday's card at Iowa Greyhound Park. Go to the linked website to find out the dogs I will use in wagers.
Good luck everyone!

For a list of greyhounds I would use in Iowa Greyhound Park's Wednesday evening card, click HERE.

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