Sunday, May 8, 2016

It's back - I hope for awhile!

I know, it's been way too long (or maybe not long enough) for my blog.
A number of things has taken priority. Of course, forgetfulness was a huge part.
So, what to write about?
I figure something I know just a little about: Pari-mutuel racing.
And, we'll start with greyhounds.
Iowa Greyhound Park starts its 2016 season May 14. There are two preseason schoolers sessions left.
Here are some dogs I've placed on my "watch list."

  • AT's Frednbarney
  • Dad's Red Taxi
  • Pat C Big Foot
  • Superior Flash
  • JD Precious
  • Roc A By Shu Box
  • Boc's Follow Me
  • AT's Blue Robot
  • Monkey Way
  • Maggiesmusicshow
  • XT Moonshine
  • Boc's Pollux
  • L's Tanza
  • Go Luckey Clea
  • Boc's K Everdeen
These are based on schooling races; remember that these have less than 8 runners. Be sure to follow up with other races.
Post time Saturday is 1 p.m.

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