Sunday, April 21, 2013

And more schooling

Preseason schoolers keep moving along at Dubuque Greyhound Park.
Among all the races and dogs, a few stand out:
  • HL's Callihan: Sure looks like a top dog at this point.
  • Scotty's Buzz: I liked this one last year; let's hope for a better season this year.
  • Superior dogs: Not all of them, but follow the litter. They are strong closers.
  • Now Didya: An A dog at Naples. Looked like it here, too.
  • Rupphollowrunner: The Copper Kettle pup closed after a tough start.
  • Lostdog Of Texas: If this one gets the 8 box, watch out.
  • Real Soon: Didn't look good until the end, I think it's got a future on the long course.
  • PG Amaizer. Looking good and potential is grand.
  • Fantasy Football: Breaks, rushes, closes - the trifecta.
Keep these in mind as the season gets going Saturday at Dubuque.

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