Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love to Prepare

Prepare for what, you might ask? A visit to the track.

While live racing in Dubuque doesn't start for a couple of weeks, simulcast goes on year-round.

And I love it.
Saturday is another track trek for me. I handicap all the dog races we carry (5 tracks worth, 6 if I try Bluffs Run). Plus, I always take a whack at some horse tracks.
I don't bet a lot - can't afford it. But I love the challenge of putting the puzzle together from each race. What dog or horse will run where and when, winnowing down the options and deciding how or if to bet a race.
I love to cherry pick races. Out of all those dog races (about 80 races) I might bet 10 or so. Same with the horses.
I bet what I have confidence in; if not, I don't use my money on it.
So, it's back to prepping for Saturday, and I hope, to add some winners to my wallet.

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