Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quiet Night - and Curling, Too

These are the nights I really love.
No chores around the house.
Dog racing to watch on the computer from Derby Lane.
Olympics (or sports in general) on the TV.
There are few nothing-to-do evenings for most of the year. Soccer, life, work ... it's quite a list of things that keep me busy.
Just got done watching the women's curling, and now enjoying the Canada hockey game. Love those Winter Olympic sports - except ice skating.
Curling is a blast. We all found ourselves urging the rock down the ice in hopes of a United States win. Didn't happen though.
One good thing: More Games tomorrow. And more dog races, too!

1 comment:

  1. When we lived in Oregon, friends of ours had an old-fashioned satellite television system.
    We would watch the CBC on it.
    One weekend that Jill and I house-sat for our friends coincided with the Canandian curling championships, called "The Brier."
    The Brier annually pits the best teams from each of the provinces, so the final could end up being Alberta vs. Manitoba or something like that.
    It was so exciting, and the Canandian crowds really went wild.
    One weekend of watching the Brier was all it took for Jill and me to become committed curling fans.