Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Olympics

Finally had a few moments amongst all the nightly chores to sit and read.
The Sports Illustrated Winter Olympics preview edition is a great collection of interesting reads. It also reminded me that the Olympics start Friday!
I'm a big Winter Olympics fan. I love events like speed skating both types), hockey, curling, ski jumping, skiing ... the list goes on.
As long as ice skating isn't on, I'm really happy.
I think my favorite memory, and it should be obvious - is the Miracle on Ice.
I remember following the team that year, my senior year of high school. What a buzz throughout the school!
I wonder what "miracle" there will be this time?
And, you won't find any Olympic rings pictures with this blog; afraid of the IOC. Thanks to the NBC Web site for the photo.
Go U.S.A. and bring home LOTS of medals, especially gold ones.

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