Sunday, May 5, 2013

Where to go?

I've bet several sessions at Dubuque Greyhound Park this early season.
Success has been fleeting.
I'm behind so far, but I haven't sunk a lot of money into it yet. I've had some winners, but nothing that makes me go WOW!
Usually early meets are my strength, and last year I did quite well at Dubuque through May. (The next few months were not very good).
The rail often is slow here, and the 8-box dominates. However, the season has started opposite.
Plus, mid-track dogs have been cruising well, too.
Some betting selection adjustments helped the past weekend. Plus, watching a few races before diving in with wagers proved to be a good decision.
A few things to consider:

  • Some cards the rail is strong, others not. Watch early.
  • The 8-box is the key.
  • Look for break for mid-track dogs.

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