Monday, January 3, 2011

Nyuk Nyuk

New Year's Day. It's a day to start anew.
Especially when there's plenty of football on, along with:
The classic comedy group was on all day. What great memories.
And, no, I wasn't there when they were filmed!
I get a big kick out of their shenanigans. Of course, it's "rough" comedy, with punches and all that stuff.
But it's all fake.
That doesn't matter, either. Some of the stuff they got into was just so corny it became hilarious.
I just love their "plans" and how they always manage to succeed (which is relative for them!)
The best part was watching them with my youngest. My gosh, he laughed so hard. Sometimes I laughed at how much his body shook.
So, coitanly, I love the Stooges!

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