Monday, November 29, 2010

Where's Bond, James Bond?

There is a lot to love about the holidays.
Food, family, sports, making a few bets at the track.
And catching movies that I LOVE.
Over the recent holiday, I saw that the "Star Wars" sagas were on again. That got me to thinking:
Why can't I find the James Bond series anywhere? Are those movies not on?
I recently saw Pierce Brosnan's version on one of the networks. I liked how he portrayed the intrepid secret agent.
I also love the Roger Moore flicks. And, there are a few of the Sean Connery versions I can't take my eyes off; Timothy Dalton played a mean Bond, too.
But, they aren't on!
It seemed like whenever there was a holiday - any time a long weekend rolled around - you could find those on.
I just loved wasting an evening with a couple of 1970s Bond. The clothes, the cars, the (somewhat) special effects.
Oh yea, and the bad guys.
So, here's hoping they'll be on over Christmas and New Year's - this Bond fan could use them.

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