Monday, November 8, 2010

Inspiration Strikes

Yes, I know I should blog more.
I got stuff to say, but when is there time to say it. Well, tonight sounds good, and I got to thank another blogger for her inspiration.
When I read her account about a day at the races, it reminded me how much I enjoy the races.
Yes, winning is nice. Yes, getting out of the house is nice. But, what's really nice is the fun there.
The group I hang out with just makes the time fly by. Sure, we cash some, we lose more and we lament what goes on.
But the constant - we laugh.
A lot
Maybe way too much!
After seeing a couple of guys nearly come to blows Saturday during the Breeders' Cup races, I realize that my time there is going to always - ALWAYS - be for fun.
And, maybe I'll start blogging more about my track treks then!
On the right is a Flight to Success blog. It's well done (much better than mine). And, thanks for inspiring me tonight.

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