Monday, September 20, 2010

Mick (Taylor) and the Boys

After reading my friend Erik Hogstrom's post about the stirring guitar solo he created for "Can't You Hear Me Knocking," I can't help but agree with him on a few points.
Gosh, that's tough to write! (OK, just kidding!)
Taylor added an element that the Stones never had: A true lead guitarist. Brian Jones loved the blues and wanted to keep that element.
Taylor just took that element to another level. He's from the Clapton-Page-Yardbirds time, and just could flat out play the axe.
It's something the Stones didn't have before him, and not after since he left.
If you want another great Taylor moment, try "Time Waits For No One" on "It's Only Rock And Roll." It's a great way he said goodbye to the band.

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  1. Gary Dura and I agree on something? Declare a national holiday!
    Seriously, though: I wish the Stones would have used Ronnie Wood in a similar capacity to Mick Taylor.
    Listen to Woody's guitar work with the Faces, and it really does seem the Rolling Stones underutilized this valuable asset.