Monday, August 16, 2010

What's A Person To Do?

Another vacation is on the horizon, this time three glorious days off.

A trip is out of the question (work conflicts), there are still things to do.

One of my favorites: A trip to the track. It will be an afternoon to follow Dubuque Greyhound Park races, and I got to be sure to check out Palm Beach ’s first round of the Puppy Stakes.

While that doesn’t strike everyone as fun, I love it (and blog about it at my work website). Developing a plan of attack on a race, betting on it, then (hopefully) winning it – that’s quite a rush to me.

After a “rest” day Thursday, it’s off to the golf course Friday. Now that’s something that could prove interesting.

Clubs, cart and very little flat green areas – oh boy, that’s a recipe for a problem

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