Friday, June 4, 2010

I Forgot My Signon ...

Or, maybe I just got too busy. Yes, a blog should be updated regularly. Yes, I know most people do this at least once a week.
But, it has been a busy time.
Soccer. Home. Helping. One thing after another.
My son's club team is in the semifinals of the State Cup. This is further than any of our club teams has ever advanced. Sunday is the day: The boys got a difficult draw, but you never know when it's one game.
And, I'm wondering if I should have said no. I'm going to help out as club treasurer now. Just what I needed: Another task.
I got a list of chores that MUST get done, once soccer slows down.
So, I'll continue to be busy. If anyone reads this, then keep an eye out for awhile; I'll get back at it.

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