Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where Did the Days Go?

As I sit watching the Gold Medal hockey game (GO USA!), I realized, I've felt like I've missed 4 days.
The basement needed painting and other touch up work. I had (yes HAD) to make a track visit. Taxes needed to be done. And on and on and on.
Usually the colder months are slower for me. Not too much on the soccer front for my youngest, and few chores around the house.
Not this year.
I've learned a few things (hire a professional is a good one!). Missed a few things, too.
But all in all, things are going well in the basement. Soccer, while it takes a lot of time, still is pretty fun. The track is fun, but the results aren't always the best for me (good days and bad days).
To sum it up: Life is good.

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